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Edmonson County Water Distritct

Our Goal: Our commitment is to provide our customers with a safe, clean, reliable supply of drinking water. We would like the public to be assured that we will continue to monitor, improve, and protect the water system and deliver a high quality water direct from the tap. We know that water is the most indispensable product in every home and we ask everyone to be conservative and help us in our efforts to protect the water source and the water system. Please report any activity that might jeopardize the water supply

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In August 1966, the North Edmonson Water District was created to serve all of the county west of Nolin River and north of Green River with Roger Rich, Gilbert Webb and Haskell Lane as commissioners appointed by County Judge John H. Blanton.

The South Edmonson Water District was created to serve all of Edmonson County south of Green River, with the exception of the city of Brownsville and Mammoth Cave National Park. Judge John H. Blanton appointed as commissioners Benton Skaggs, Marvin Moody and Ray James.

In March 1967, the North and South Districts were consolidated to form the Edmonson County Water District to serve all the county west of Nolin River, south of Green River (with the exception of the City of Brownsville and Mammoth Cave National Park), and north of Green River, and a portion of Warren and Grayson counties with Ray James, Roger Rich and Marvin Moody as the commissioners.

The consolidation enhanced the possibility of obtaining funds to build the water system and improve the overall management and operation of the system.