Questions and Answers

What is required for my new service connection?
  1. Must have service address, lot number or some means of locating the property to be serviced.
  2. Need deed book and Page number of the property to be served.
  3. Must have verification, with I.D. number, that a plumbing permit has been obtained.
  4. Payment will only be accepted by check or money order.
How do I obtain a plumbing permit?
The plumbing permit must be purchased from the Health Department in the county that your property is located. The following are phone numbers for each county:


  1. Edmonson County Health Department – 270-597-2194
  2. Hart County Health Department – 270-524-2511
  3. Grayson County Health Department – 270-259-6155
  4. Warren County Health Department – 270-781-2490
Do I have to pay a Membership deposit when requesting water service?
Yes. A membership deposit is required for each water service. This deposit is refundable with interest, if the water service is transferred or terminated.
What is required to get my service re-instated if it is disconnected for non-payment?
All outstanding balances must be paid along with a reconnect fee and membership fee if one is not on deposit with District.
If Real Estate is sold does the water service need to be transferred?
Yes. The service needs to be transferred to the new owner even if the water service is not being used. That keeps the seller from being responsible for that water service.
How do I change my address?
A change of address form is available on our website. You can download, fill out and return to us by mail, fax, or scan & email. Any change of address must be in writing and signed by the customer.
What are my payment options?
Mail, Automatic Bank Withdrawal, Credit Card, or Walk-in, Drive-Thru, Night Deposit or Online
What is a convenience or processing fee?
The fee charged to the Water District by the Credit Card Companies and Processing Center for the Customer to use these type services.
How do I read my water meter?
When reading your meter, read the numbers from left to right. The number to the far right is a fixed zero. Should the odometer number be in between numbers always use the lower of the two numbers.
What causes a loss of my water pressure or flow?
A leak on your lines will cause a loss of both pressure and flow normally. Also, your pressure regulator valve could be not operating properly. A Water District leak normally affects everyone in the general area.
How do I check for a leak?
The red star on the left bottom section of the meter is called a leak indicator. Anytime water is being used this star will be moving, even with low flow. Turn off all water usage and check the star for movement. If moving, then you have a leak.
How do I turn my water off in case of a leak and I do not have a valve near my water box?
Look inside the meter box, you will see a valve, turn the valve ¼ or ½ way around in a clockwise direction. Sometimes this valve will not completely shut off all water flow.


Where do I report a water leak or outage?
Call 270-597-2165. Leave a message if after hours. Water District has an employee on call that will be notified of the situation. Give an address near the leak if possible.
What is a Boil Water Advisory?
A boil water advisory is a type of consumer advisory that provides notice to the consuming public through radio, television, newspaper, posting, calling, e-mail, handouts, or other media that conveys in the quickest and most effective way possible for the following:

  1. Information that water provided may cause adverse human health effects due to possible biological contamination if consumed, unless it is boiled for three minutes at a rolling boil.
  2. Action to be taken. Issue of a boil water advisory normally occurs when a line breaks and/or pressure is lost. The Water District will notify you when the boil water advisory is lifted.
Why does my water look milky at times?
The milky appearance is actually air bubbles, which are harmless. Sometimes air is introduced into the water lines when we make line repairs. In winter months the water is colder and when used inside your house the warmth causes oxygen to be released causing air bubbles. These air bubbles should disappear quickly.
If I am going to dig or work on my property should I have the Utilities located?
Yes. However, the Water District is not affiliated with the Kentucky 811 call before you dig locating service. To get water or sewer lines located for customers or property owners in the Edmonson County Water District service area, please call 270-597-2165.