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Board Meetings are open to the public and are held at 8:30 AM on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at Edmonson County Water District’s office located at 1128 HWY 259 North, Brownsville, KY.

The Board of Commissioners consist of three members. They are appointed by the Edmonson County Judge Executive and are approved by the Edmonson County Fiscal Court. The Board of Commissioners make the policies and rules for the Water District. The Board consist of: Chairman (Jimmy Mills), Secretary/Treasurer (Barry Rich), and Member (N.E. Reed).


The Edmonson County Water District’s Administration staff consist of a General Manager (Tony Sanders) and Office Manager (Erica Wolfe). The General Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the Water District and is directed by the Board of Commissioners and other regulatory agencies; other responsibilities include but not limited to: the supervision of all personnel, work to obtain funding to do expansions and upgrading the water facilities and daily represent the board general policy matters. The Office Manager assist the General Manager, keeps minutes of board meetings, does bank transactions, filing and reporting. The Office Manager is also responsible for the supervision of the office staff consisting of a Bookkeeper, Billing Clerk, Inventory Clerk, Accounts Receivable and Customer Service personnel. The office staff have many duties and responsibilities which include but are not limited to: collecting payments, answering phone calls, serving the drive-thru, assisting walk in customers, assisting customers in solving problems with their service, responsible for financial records, billing, contacting customer concerning possible leaks, processing work orders, bank transfers and inventory records.

The Edmonson County Water District Treatment Plant team consist of Licensed Operators certified by the Energy and Environment Cabinet. The Treatment Plant Supervisor (Tim Brewster) is responsible for the supervision of all Treatment Plant personnel to perform plant operations to Federal, State and Local Regulations. These Operators work daily, including weekends and holidays doing laboratory procedures, testing untreated, processed and treated water, performing maintenance, reporting and recordkeeping to ensure that customers are delivered safe and clean water at the tap.

The Transmission and Distribution team consist of Licensed Operators certified by the Energy and Environment Cabinet. The Transmission and Distribution Supervisor (Dylan Hazelwood) is responsible for the supervision of distribution personnel to perform daily operations which include but are not limited to: checking daily chlorine residuals in the system, inspection of pumps and motors, leak detection, leak repair, meter installation and meter reading. The Distribution system consist of approximately 700 miles of water main, over 10,400 active meter accounts, fire hydrants, 17 Water Storage Tanks and 10 Booster Stations. These Operators are on call nights, weekends and holidays to respond to any problems and insure that our customers receive the best possible service.

Edmonson County Water District

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Edmonson County Water District
Main Office
P.O. Box 208 / 1128 HWY 259 North
Brownsville, KY 42210

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In August 1966, the North Edmonson Water District was created to serve all of the
county west of Nolin River and north of Green River with Roger Rich, Gilbert
Webb and Haskell Lane as commissioners appointed by County Judge John H.
Blanton. <Read More>

Telephone: (270) 597-2165
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Main Office
P.O. Box 208 / 1128 HWY 259 North
Brownsville, KY 42210